Measuring the Wind, 2022, acrylic on linen canvas, 45 x 60cm, photo: Steven Maybury



2023 – Measuring the Wind, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne

2022 2 & 2 Reflections, LON Gallery's project space, Melbourne

2019 – Box of Stamps, Haydens, Melbourne

2018 – Checkerfield Paintings, NKN Gallery, Melbourne

2016 – Recent Paintings, Fort Delta, Melbourne


2023 Killing Me Softly (with Ana Santos and Bernardo Bello), Bempostinha, Lisbon

2022 Sequence (with Rohan Hartley Mills), Mary Cherry, Melbourne

2020 – Melodic Living Room (with Marlee McMahon), online exhibition

2019 – Without pencil I pen endless error (with Jordan Grant), private address; Fitzroy North, Melbourne

2018 – Patina (with Paul Murphy and Laura Skerlj), LON Gallery, Melbourne


2020 – Sounds of Pacing, Conners Conners, Melbourne

2019 The Pathfinders, Bempostinha, Lisbon

2018 – Spring 1883 (with Blockprojects), Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

2018 – the drawing is just not there, West Space, Melbourne

2017 – Inaugural exhibition for Sinkhole Project, Baltimore

2017 – Group Show, Irene Rose, Melbourne

2016  Honours Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University, Melbourne

2016  ROCK DOGS/Pluto's Cave, Rockery Gardens, Melbourne

2016 – I saw Ricky Martin on Hoddle St, 101 Drummond St, Melbourne

2016 – Milk Carton Meerkat Manor, Tans Martial Arts, Melbourne

ABOUT (Click here for CV)

Martin George is an Australian artist based in Melbourne working in painting and drawing. Since 2016 he has exhibited locally and overseas, and has been shortlisted for several Australian art prizes.

His work explores abstraction with an imaginative and playful emphasis. Using a vocabulary of created motifs – trees, clouds, storms, buildings and figures – he repeats and reconfigures them to create new meaning. Martin has a keen focus towards incidental artmaking and improvisation.

Represented by Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne