Early Shadow (Room Interior), 2021, acrylic on cotton canvas, 46 x 51cm, image: Ruben Bull-Milne



2022 2 & 2 Reflections, LON Gallery's project space, Melbourne

2019 – Box of Stamps, Haydens, Melbourne

2018 – Checkerfield Paintings, NKN Gallery, Melbourne

2016 – Recent Paintings, Fort Delta, Melbourne


2023 Killing Me Softly (with Ana Santos and Bernardo Bello), Bempostinha, Lisbon

2022 Sequence (with Rohan Hartley Mills), Mary Cherry, Melbourne

2020 – Melodic Living Room (with Marlee McMahon), online exhibition

2019 – Without pencil I pen endless error (with Jordan Grant), private address; Fitzroy North, Melbourne

2018 – Patina (with Paul Murphy and Laura Skerlj), LON Gallery, Melbourne


2020 – Sounds of Pacing, Conners Conners, Melbourne

2019 The Pathfinders, Bempostinha, Lisbon

2018 – Spring 1883 (with Blockprojects), Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

2018 – the drawing is just not there, West Space, Melbourne

2017 – Inaugural exhibition for Sinkhole Project, Baltimore

2017 – Group Show, Irene Rose, Melbourne

2016  Honours Graduate Exhibition, RMIT University, Melbourne

2016  ROCK DOGS/Pluto's Cave, Rockery Gardens, Melbourne

2016 – I saw Ricky Martin on Hoddle St, 101 Drummond St, Melbourne

2016 – Milk Carton Meerkat Manor, Tans Martial Arts, Melbourne

ABOUT (Click here for CV)

Martin George is an Australian artist working in painting and drawing. His work explores abstraction with a graphic, light-hearted and imaginative emphasis. His recent compositions have emblem-like forms that depict figures, scenes and abstract environments. He has been exhibiting since 2016 in Australia and overseas, and his paintings have been shortlisted for several Australian prizes.

CONTACT: martingeorge1993@gmail.com